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Resources and online courses for Math and Computer Science.

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Learning Resources

How to Write a Platformer Game in Java

A short, supplemental curriculum for AP Computer Science A. Learn how to write a platformer game like Super Mario from scratch without using any physics engine library!

AP Computer Science Principles

The full curriculum for AP Computer Science Principles can be found here.

AP Computer Science A

The full curriculum for AP Computer Science A can be found here.

An Introduction to Python

This course teaches the fundamentals of Python. Many of the courses on this site utilizes Python.

Udemy Courses

Support me by taking one of my discounted Udemy courses! Clicking on one of the links below also help credit me with your enrollment.

Coding Games in Python

Learn how to write arcade games with Python. One of the highlights of the course is writing a platformer game like Super Mario from scratch!

An Introduction to the Discrete Fourier Transform

This course explains the math behind the Discrete Fourier Transform. Its Fast Fourier Transform implementation is so widely used, it is considered one of the top 10 algorithms of the 20th century. Analyze frequency content of audio, e.g., given a piano audio file, programmatically and mathematically determine the chord! For more info, click here.

Image Recognition with Neural Networks

This 6-lecture course walks through the implementation of a Python program that recognizes handwritten digits from scratch, without using any autograd libraries. For more info, click here.
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